We are a growing gathering of skilled and talented people in tech, science, politics and business who believe that the solutions to some of the most pressing global problems are well within reach and lay in how well organised we can get to solve them. The platforms and systems we are currently building all have the common theme of ‘collaboration’ and the ‘power of the crowd’ flowing through them.

Whether its ‘Responsible Production and Consumption’ (UN Goal #12),’Decent Work and Economic Growth’ (UN Goal #8) or ‘Climate Action’ (UN Goal #13), we believe the impact of our work will influence how some of the most challenging problems of this century are resolved and we look forward to sharing more in the no distant future.

ACT exists as a Cooperative/Limited Company hybrid in Norway to make sure ACT is never distracted from its important work. This draws on the democratic strengths of being an employee-controlled organisation, but also benefits from the corporate advantages of a limited liability company.

You are very much at the heart of what we are building, and there are various ways for you to join us on this journey.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon,

The ACT team