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ACT’s Core team is seeking a Marketing Manager to help build the zero carbon footprint future version of our planet. Sounds interesting? Read on.

We believe that the core problem of global warming is lack of global collaboration. Our goal is to support and enhance global collaboration facilitated by an ecosystem of carefully crafted software systems. Just like Wikipedia is a computer facilitated collaboration platform around building the world’s biggest encyclopedia – so will ACT enable collaboration around green shopping and help humans ACT together for a sustainable planet so that we can do our part to end global warming and also support fair trade.

  • ACT is software technology with smart gamification to connect consumers around sustainable shopping and collaboration
  • The immediate goal of ACT is to reduce climate gasses and possibly be the “solution” to global climate change.
  • ACT is a role model of a democratic organization: Max. factor of 8 between highest and lowest paid, all employee members have 1 vote. ACT is an independent trusted commerce partner - no one person or organization can control ACT.
  • All software will be open source and free

We have just finished a major design phase and now wish to start serious development of the software platform. We are looking to tell the world about our extraordinary solution for ACTion, that we believe will change the way we manage global climate change almost overnight.

We need to strengthen our team, our advisory board and council with experienced resources within multiple fields: Management, Communication/journalism/marketing, Financial management, Fundraising, Life cycle analysis & research, Graphical design, Web development, Mobile development, Back-end development, Networking.


Have you ever thought that it is impossible to solve global climate change and that your effort would mean so little?

What if you had the chance to work with one of the most ambitious climate change projects? We believe that ACT is one of the most hands-on solutions to mitigating climate change. These might sound like just 'great words,' but do the math yourself: E.g. If only 17,000 people decided to use ACT to find the least fossil fuel consuming goods, service alternatives and register their purchases it would deliver a combined purchasing power of 63 million USD/year after tax*, which is the same amount Norway uses to conserve the Amazonas rainforest! And those 17,000 people could decide to ACT tomorrow!

* Assuming an average shopping of 300 USD/month. 


ACT is now selling shares and applying for funding with various organizations. We need a clever and highly motivated Marketing Manager to join our happy team and help us through this exiting phase that could have a serious impact on sustainability of our planet. You should be willing to invest time and work for shares during the first couple of months until funding is secured.

At best:

  • You have an academic education and a passion for saving the environment.
  • You have 2+ years of experience from working as a Marketing Manager or similar, preferably with some experience from a start-up environment.
  • You have experience from building a winning market strategy and knows how to best facilitate your peers and others to optimize and capture the optimal result.
  • You are well connected and understand how to best engage your audience around the message leading to actions and how to implement the market strategy engaging both social media and other channels.
  • You have a good network.
  • You have experience from working with the two different worlds of both NGO and private industry.
  • Women are encouraged to apply.
  • You have a good command of English.

Marketing Manager will work closely with co-founders and be a part of our small team of entrepreneurs with a flat organizational structure. Since the company is in an early phase you will be able to shape your role in the company exactly how you like it best.


This job can be carried out as remote work with a good internet connection, but ideally we prefer co-location if possible.


Please send your CV and some words introducing yourself, why you want to work with ACT, highlight relevant previous experience and your current situation.

For more information about this job and ACT please contact:

Thomas Jepsen
President, Founder & CTO
ACT Cooperative Corporation AS
jobs (at)

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