Be an ACT beta tester! Launching this September.

ACT is a platform by users, for users. We use information to empower people to take control of their shopping and their future. When users shop products that are made with less CO2 emissions, it inspires creative producers find new ways to make stuff.

Just 30,000 ACT users can shift as much money to sustainable food production as the Norwegian state spends to combat the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. This shows how impactful making small changes to your weekly shopping can be!

We want to create the best possible app for our users, but we can’t do that alone! Our beta testers are essential in building this platform, ensuring collaboration and transparency from the app’s very beginning.

We are launching our beta test in Oslo this fall and we need people like you to help us make this happen! 

If you’re interested in shopping more sustainably and want to help others do that too, sign up to be a beta tester today!

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