Take sustainability in your own hands

Most climate campaigns ask for donations and encourage you to share information. Awareness is clearly an important factor and it comes first. We would like to move capital in a sustainable direction. That’s why we’re building a system that puts a sustainability number on products and services so that you can choose the most sustainable alternative and play producers against each other. If you together with millions of shoppers globally choose the sustainable alternative you are in effect buying back a sustainable future. This means: With ACT you can for the first time take sustainability in your own hands with the weight of your purchasing power. Now – that’s ACTion!

You can take part in this exciting project and support us by making a financial contribution* to ACT.

Help Buy Back Our Future & Safeguard Our Environment

At ACT, we believe, undoubtedly, that sustainability is imperative in our socio-economic development and survival and as such, is a strong driver for our economic growth. So, we are creating an app that would give you the power to pressure stakeholders, policy makers, and the international community to take a stand  for sustainability in food production.

  • But we can’t do it without your help. Please make a contribution to:

  • Help us continue to raise awareness on sustainability

  • Hold food producers accountable for their production practices

  • Safeguard our environment for generations to come

  • Keep you informed and empowered to contribute to sustainable development

Together we can make a positive difference in people’s lives and the environment.

If you are more interested in investing in ACT, instead visit our Invest page, investment options start at 5.000 NOK.

* Please note that ACT is not a non-governmental organization, so contributions are not tax-deductible.

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Please support us by contributing with your preferred payment option.

Please support us by contributing with your preferred payment option.