We have a true passion for sustainability.

Melting ice caps, rising temperatures, mass extinctions — our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. It can be terrifying to think about. It is even more scary to think about what we need to do to stop it.

The bad news is that there is not much you can do … at least not on your own.

We empower consumers to tell big corporations — corporations responsible for massive carbon emissions, environmental destruction and gross humanitarian abuse — to improve their practices.

ACT is your partner in sustainable shopping — a simple, intuitive and enjoyable tool where you can direct your money where it matters to YOU. You make a list, optimize it and choose ethically and ecologically produced items. By creating demand for sustainable products, you have a say in shifting capital to fair and sustainable producers. And the big, polluting corporations will follow.

 ACT exists as a Cooperative/Limited Company hybrid in Norway to make sure ACT is never distracted from its important work. This draws on the democratic strengths of being an employee-controlled organization, but also benefits from the corporate advantages of a limited liability company. You can learn more about our decision to use this structure on our blog.

Join ACT and Buy Back Our Future.

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