We have a true passion for sustainability.


If one of your greatest passions is to make a difference within global sustainability and you can demonstrate advanced skills within one or more of the following fields: International fundraising, economy, climate research, law, journalism, marketing, graphic design, video production/animation, development (backend, web app, mobile app, sysop, game design, graph development, AI, blockchain) or if you have a really special core competency that you believe we need, you are welcome to join us.

ACT exists as a Corporative/Limited Company hybrid in Norway to make sure ACT is never distracted from its important work. This draws on the democratic strengths of being an employee-controlled organization, but also benefits from the corporate advantages of a limited liability company.

You are very much at the heart of what we are building, and there are various ways for you to join us on this journey.


Open Positions:


iOS Developer

iOS Intern


Android Developer

Android Intern

Web Developer


Flutter Developer

Back-end Developer

Investor&Sales Specialist


UI/UX Designer

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