Our Challenge

On average, 80% of household shopping takes place without any consideration for how producers and their products contribute to CO2 emissions, other environmental impacts or whether they treat their workers well. With annual world groceries spending alone worth trillions of dollars, that’s a great deal of money potentially not supporting considerate producers.

We think those who take the trouble to figure out ways to produce great healthy products, are mindful of the environment, treat their workers well and seek to be inclusive in their pricing, deserve your admiration and support. This is why we are building fun and easy-to-use systems to help you find them backed by our unique rating system. And for those that might still take these modern-day heroes for granted, we will be adapting our platforms to the things they love to ensure everyone is onboard.

Our work will soon be entering the testing phase. We call on you to join us by signing up for our newsletters and take part in ACT activities near you. You may also consider coming onboard as an investor or via Careers at ACT.

Our challenge is to make you shop sustainably and really enjoy it!

Our Solution

In ACT we believe we are about to bring the most practical solution for a sustainable future to market, a sustainability revolution through sustainable shopping that can potentially reduce the global carbon footprint dramatically and increase worker’s rights. 

Yes, there are a variety of solutions at hand already, but what if you could fight global climate change with an easy task you're already doing and from the comfort of your sofa? 

Our platform will help you answer questions that before required long hours of studying and research. 

Whenever you ask: ”Should I buy tomato X or tomato Y?” - our rating algorithm will tell you how much carbon footprint each product has and whether its producer is treating their employees fair throughout the product’s life cycle. 

We are working on our platform, and will get back to you with the details on how ACT innovation will revolutionize the way you shop.

For now, here’s a list of features: 

  • automate (almost) all your shopping processes – you simply don’t want to be without ACT when you go shopping

  • get inspired by our low carbon footprint recipe collection

  • locate the closest vendors where you can purchase products with lower carbon footprint

  • optimize your shopping list with our innovative shopping optimization algorithm

  • learn more about the origin of products you buy

  • contribute to our Wikipedia-like open system of shared knowledge and help others make better shopping decisions

  • turn the shopping process into a fun game and challenge your friends and family

Shopping sustainably and human-friendly has never been easier - so let´s ACT together. 

Please get in touch for more information.