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We have been actively working on this project for two years now developing a sustainable shopping list app, that can become the go-to-market place for sustainable shopping (and grocery shopping in general) and with a scenario that can be the edge for grocery retailers to deal with the threats in the sector especially the ones coming from Amazon. We are now close to launch of a global crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo (rewards/donation based) and an equity crowdfunding platform yet to be determined (equity based).

This is a sneak preview of our first crowdfunding video:


Note: We are working with at least 2 other videos also, that will show in more detail and concretely what ACT is all about - so stay tuned!

I hope you can help by letting us know if you know anyone in your network who could be interested in a chance to invest in our current late seed phase. We wish to raise 340K NOK to cover expenses with this global crowdfunding campaign, that we believe can reach 1-20M people and provide a surplus of 860K NOK in October. This we can match with Innovation Norway to get a total of 1,7M NOK. Enough to get through our first pilot in Norway or the UK. This means that if you support this project now, every investment you make will give us 5 times more available capital already by October! (1.7M/340K=5). We are currently developing 2 apps for our signed pilots expected to be finished at the latest in October. 

See this video for more info (don't laugh too much):

The current subscription period will close early at August 15th after which a new round will start for our crowdfunding campaign without 48% discount. This is the last chance to invest pre-market (without fees), after our pilot we expect the price of shares and minimum investment amount to be very different again.

Here you'll find Investor Presentation (click here), Presentation of Private offering (click here) and Subscription Form (click here) related to ACT. ACT has at least one unfair advantage in terms of press coverage, because we believe ACT to be potentially the biggest mover of capital in a green direction.

This is not just business, the ACT Team and I have invested 2 years of our lives in this project. Please send me any questions and feedback; I would really love to hear from you.

Founder of ACT
thomas@aacctt.org (or use the contact form under)

P.S.: Please forward this link to anyone who may also be interested. Thanks for helping out.


  1. Investor Presentation (click here)
  2. Presentation of Private offering (click here)
  3. Subscription Form (click here)


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